The Vision to establish ECWA Academy Demsa was conceived by the Hilde fur missionary from Germany.Their initial plan was to establish a Theological Seminary but it was later reshaped to a Christain Academy by Rev.Dr Musa Asake (ECWA General Secretary then).

The Hama Batta encouraged the school by donating a piece of land. Rev Garba Duwangs the then DCC Gongola secretary molded four thousand blocks and purchased ten trips of sand from the donation made by the Hilde-fur mission, the GDCC in her effort to complement the effort of the missionaries raised N200,000 which was used for construction of four classrooms, an office and a store.

The school started on the 10th september, 2006 with 45 students and five teaching and non-teaching staff.

1. Mr. Elijah David (teaching staff)

2 Mr. Paul Abubakar (teaching staff)

3. Mama Fahimi mayo-matron/Cook

4. Rhodah Barjonah Matron/cook

5. Kilobas Musa-Secretary

Mr. paul and Elijah David taught for two days and three weeks respectively before calling it quits. The DCC executive then resumed the teaching work with the then DCC secretary Rev. Timothy Dimas also serving as the acting principal.

1. Rev. Timothy Dimas (Acting principal)

2. Rev. Inuwa Ngoma

3. Rev. Zakari Dindima

4. Pastor Kwati Mamuda

5. Engr. Musa Garkida

We appreciate the effort of Mr. Ambrose (Demsa Community Representative ) who worked hard to ensure the physical and health needs among the students. He was indeed unwavering in his calling. We say a big thank you for you are blessed.

By 30th Octorber,2006, the following staff were employed.

1.Miss Dingnerang Michiel

2.Mr. Joseph Yushiya

3.Mr. Ayuba Boyi

In February,2007, Joseph yushiya and Boyi left the services of EAD. This situation necessited the need for manpower. Hence, the school requested for the services of corp members to assist in the schooling. They are :- Adeshila Ajayi, John Onuche, Bamidele John Mayowa and Peter Fedelis.Similarly,Pastor Bukang was also transferred from Guyuk to ECWA Church Demsa in order to assist in the school.

The school staff structure came in full operation on 3rd September, 2007, when Mr. John Tati was transferred to ECWA Academy as the Principal. So far, so good, ECWA Academy has come of Age. As we grauate our pioneer set, we commend everyone involved directly or indirectly in the training of these young minds that God Almighty will visit you in all your endeavours.